We’re now offering a selection of groceries, including local and organic produce, dairy, and meat, bread, baking supplies and more. Call (856) 942-4325 to order Tuesday – Saturday 11:00-6:00. Groceries will be bagged and ready for pick-up.

Week of 6/2 Grocery List!
Call the Shop 856-942-4325
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Fresh Local Produce/Eggs/Grains
Jersey Frozen Blueberries $3.5/12 oz bag
Jersey Asparagus!!! $4.5/bunch 2 for $8

D & V Organics- Local Produce
OrganiceRedbor Kale $2.5/each (Thursday)
Organic Green Tomaine Lettuce 2.50 (Thursday)
Organic Broccoli $4/lb
Organic Purple Kohralbi $2.75 each

Organic Carrots $3/2lb bag
Organic Gala Apples $1e
Organic Bananas $1.5/Lb
Yellow Onions $1/5/lb
Red Onion $1.5/lb
Mushroom Baby Bella/Crimini
$3.50/10 oz bag
Organic Broccoli Crowns $4/lb

Lemons $.5/each
Organic Navel Oranges $1.50

Cafe Free/Sustainable Eggs $4.75
Organic Firm Tofu $4
Red Cabbage 3.00/lb
Green Cabbage 2.50/lb
Popcorn Heirloom (Kit with+ Ghee and seasonings $6)
Wapsie Valley Cornmeal from Castle Calley Mills PA $4/lb
Philly Bread Ciabatta $1 each
Philly Bread Sourdough $4
Philly Bread Maltygrain $5
Philly Bread Potato Loaf $5
Philly Bread Everything Muffins $5
Cabot Unsalted Butter $5.50/lb sold out
Sharp Cheddar 8oz $4.00
PepperJack Cheese $3.50/half lb
Monterey Jack Cheese 3.75$/half lb
Andrew and Everett American Cheese $7/lb
Taylor Pork Roll 6.50/half lb
Red Label Yeast $4/half lb
Sir Galahad Unbleached Flour $1/lb
Bob’s Redmill Cup for Cup Gluten Free Flour $3/lb
Organic Sugar $2.5/lb
Non-Gmo Brown Sugar $2.5/lb
Organic Gluten Free Rolled Oats $4/lb
Corn Tortillas for Tacos $2/pack
Basmati Rice $2.50/lb
Ziti Pasta $2.50/lb box
Fruitwood Farms Wildflower Honey $5/8oz
True Story Maple Honey Ham $6.50/half pound
Andrew and Everett White American $7/lb
Sky Top Farms Pepper Turkey, Non-Gmo and ABF $6.5/ half Pound

Bringhurst Meats- Cage-free, Antibiotic and Hormone Free from Gerber Amish Farms
Bringhurst Boneless Thighs $4.5/lb
Bringhurst Boneless Breast $6/lb
Bringhurst Bone-in Breast $4.50/lb

Plainville Farms Organic Gr Turkey $8.50/lb
Garrett Valley Bacon Uncured GF ABF 10.50/18oz pack
Dakota Organic Grassfed Beef Sirloin Steaks $7.50/6oz steak
Dakota Organic Grassfed Ground Beef $9/lb
Natural By Nature Half n Half $4/pt
Natural By Nature Oat Milk $5.5/half gal
Natural By Nature Whole $6.5/half gal
Yogurt, Plain, Seven Stars 95% organic $5/32oz
Revolution Coffee Roasters 12 oz Bags $13- Ethiopian, Hondoran, Sulawesi Toraja, Papua New Guinea
Mystical Blossoms Namaste Sexy Loose Tea 32 servings $20
Mystical Blossoms Cool and Calm Loose Tea 32 servings $20
Mystical Blossoms Immune Drops $20
Mystical Blossoms Hand Sanitizer $10
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