Catering Packages

3 Catering Packages

Includes eco-friendly cutlery, plates, and napkins.
Gluten free and vegan options available as well.


Egg Sandwiches

each sandwich includes 2 fried eggs, choice of meat or veg, and cheese. On ciabatta cut in 4 pieces unless specified.

Egg Muffins

each muffin has 1+ eggs, choice of meat or veg and cheese.


Bacon, turkey sausage, turkey meatloaf, maple honey ham, corned beef.


Sweet potato or roasted potato wedges, baby arugula, kale, roasted red pepper, onion, artichoke, mushrooms, seasonal veggies (call for availability)

Sourdough French Toast (vg)

French toast served with maple baked apple, cinnamon syrup, and tahini drizzle. (Available gluten free)

Apple, Blueberry, corn, chocolate chip, banana nut, seasonal fruit (available vegan and/or gluten free)

Choice of meat and/or veg serves 15


Sandwich Tray

Gluten free and vegan options available). Choose from turkey meatloaf, roasted chicken or jerk chicken salad, falafel(vg), black bean burger(vg), Krabby patty(vg), firecracker turkey, herbie turkey, maple honey ham and cheese, square Reuben, mixed cheese sandwich.

Roasted or Jerk Chicken

Antibiotic/cage/hormone free chicken $14/lb

Organic Turkey Meatloaf
Roasted Potato or Sweet Potato Wedges

Ramen noodles, seasonal veggies, carrots, cabbage, sesame seeds, peanut butter sriracha dressing.

Thinly sliced cabbage, vinaigrette

Spring mix, seasonal veggie, vinaigrette

Potatoes, roasted red peppers, apple cider vinaigrette, herbs

Black lentils, chilis, spices, tomato


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Choice of Veggie Meat or Mixed Sandwich tray assortment.

Chocolate chip, Dutch chocolate, ginger snap (available vegan and/or gluten free)

Vegan, Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk Bars

Half sheet or full sheet (contains coconut and almond)

Jewish Apple Cupcakes

Cinnamon and apple cupcakes (available vegan and/or gluten free)

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